Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The Boyce Thompson Arboretum April 29 2015

Back on the trail!!!
Here at
the Boyce Thompson Arboretum State Park in Superior Arizona , the largest and oldest botanical garden in the state of Arizona. Great place for floral and fauna, also to see and add to your  bird life list.  I saw lots of Humming birds but they were so quick I didn't get much for photos. But I was able to add to my bidders life list.

Here is a common Warbler for the Western U.S. the "Audubon's"Yellow Rump. The eastern U.S. see's the Myrtle Yellow rump. When I see the Myrtle Yellow Rump  in the Mid-west it means the migration has started, this species of bird is a hardy one, they can eat berries and other food sources if insects are scarce . And are the last hold outs during migration when the cold  fronts strikes. There were  a lot of Audubon's  at the Boyce Thompson which makes me believe that my timing is early here at the Arboretum, I suspect there will be a much bigger variety when we are further into May after I leave.
Yellow Breasted Chat
Here is a life list bird for me a Yellow Breasted Chat. This bird the largest of the New World warblers , it really lives up to it's name, it is  a very loud, very chatty but a very shy species of bird. I kept hearing it but couldn't get a look at it . They like dense skulking vegetation .  And at the Boyce  Thompson you will find all kinds of bird habitat. I  gave up on this particular one Chat  and was heading back when I found another thick patch of shrub like vegetation and there were at least three different Chats calling back and forth so I set up in shaded area and waited it wasn't long when a Chat came out of the  dense thicket  perching above it all and gave me a reasonable shot, with a very Yellow breast and its size seems right for as loud as it is, it called and called it  would get a reply and look towards the copy cat and call some more, finally I seen this shy bird and added to my  life list.